The Trail Today: My State Bird

Saw like ten Cardinals on the trail today!  I decided, with Trisha’s urging, to deem those birds “my birds,” and so they will be a constant reminder that everything is all good.  And they were, it was a wonderful ride, an easy ride, because our destination had nothing to do with where we were going.

For all my VA peeps, do you remember when our moms and grandmoms told us to kiss at the birds because they’d bring good luck?  Am I the only grown person who still does that?  I don’t know what kind of luck they’re supposed to bring, but I always feel blessed to spy one amidst the brown and greens of the trail.  And when they sing, oh they sang so loudly today, I almost believe they feel blessed to see me.  I’m such a sap :-), but the trail does that to me.  



One thought on “The Trail Today: My State Bird”

  1. They do feel blessed to see you! They weren’t showing themselves to me. The ferns were greeting me with gracefully little ‘waves’.

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