I LOVE to ride my bike. I’m blessed to live a few miles from Pine Creek Rail Trail, one of the best bike trails in America. Up until a year ago, I spent most of my free time exploring the trail and discovering its beauty over and over again. I was so addicted to the trail I spent my thirty-sixth birthday, with my hubby, riding all 60+ miles in one day.

Then the ugliness of life infiltrated my peaceful mornings of riding. The world off the trail became so chaotic, I left the trail as if it had betrayed me. Last year I rode one time, but the gravel ground, green foliage, and creeping creek no longer held its former appeal. I rushed through my ride, not because I had somewhere to be, but because I felt I had no right “to be” there. That was a tough year, a year of resignation, restructuring, and redefining. I stopped doing everything I loved. Riding and writing, two significant elements of my being, became painful reminders of the self I had lost. That was a long year, but it was last year.

This year I’ve ventured back to that place I earlier abandoned. Each pedal, each tire rotation, leads me to a better understanding of the Laurie I am meant to be, not the Laurie I once believed I was. So now, I’m riding to a healing and soon, I will be writing to a healing. That writing has led me to the publication of my first memoir.  I want to share with you my journey, my reflections, my ride with hopes that you can be moved to your own healing.

We all have the ability to heal within us. We all have the tools for healing around us. The question, always, is whether we have decided it is easier to remain broken.

So pedal with me to peace and personal prosperity. I have no idea of where this ride will end, but I am up for the journey . . . wherever it may lead.


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Laurie,
    It’s great to see that you are getting back on the trail. I’m hoping to get out more as well. I bought a trainer bike, which attaches to mine, for my daughter to ride along with me. Once she is on summer break, we plan to ride two or three times a week.
    Hope to see you out there!

  2. Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for your willingness to share in this blog. Once my daughter is done with school, we are planning to ride the trail two or three times a week. I hope we see you there!

  3. Good to read your thoughts. My contact information is on the other page, send me that number and we can plan some events. John Kiernan

  4. I just finished your book. Started and finished in 24 hours while working full-time and caring for my family so you know that meant peeking at it at every opportunity and a very late night with the reading light! Just wanted to tell you that I loved your book and your story was powerful. After reading your book, I had to google you and then found your blog. Have been reading your posts. My daughter has an AVM as well, one hemorrhage so far and multiple types of treatments; holding strong with the coil for five years now. Hope you are fully recovered. Stay strong!

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Finding peace and healing on Pine Creek Trail

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